Being one of the largest asset-based international transport companies Jan de Rijk Logistics continuously invests in the improvement of its equipment-portfolio. By doing this we clearly show the ambition to stay ahead of the market regarding efficiency, sustainability and customer satisfaction

Currently we deploy a fleet of over 550 motorized vehicles and over 750 trailers and semi-trailers. Within the fleet our customer can choose out of a variety of vehicle options, always offering the best possible answer to its demands. Besides a large fleet of air freight solutions Jan de Rijk Logistics also offers a best-in-class portfolio of temperature controlled refrigerated- , high-secure- and retail & distribution solutions, all them equipped to the highest standards within their specific scope of use.

In order to reach the highest level of standardization as possible only a small group of carefully selected suppliers is involved, is over 80% of the assets equipped with air freight rollerbeds and is by far the largest part of the fleet low-deck (950mm fifth wheel height).