Keeping your business fresh

Controlling the logistics environment is essential to reliably delivering perishables. Matching short transit times and temperature-sensitive transportation with measured, consistent standards is what makes managing perishable shipments a challenge.

Jan de Rijk Logistics, which is a HACCP-certified company, has a proven track record in serving this industry. The company offers a variety of services, which include:

  • Fresh Logistics Unit providing short transit times for daily temperature controlled deliveries between Benelux and Italy.
  • Regular and flexible temperature-controlled services to destinations across the UK and Continental Europe.
  • International Line-haul Services
  • Intermodal Services utilizing our company train between Venlo (NL) and Milan (IT)
  • Real-time tracking and tracing of vehicles and shipments, offering Jan de Rijk Logistics customer visibility and transparency, including temperatures reporting

If your business is looking for a dedicated partner in Perishables solutions please contact us for more information.





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