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Predictive Assets Optimization

Jan de Rijk Logistics is making headway in the industry again by implementing Transmetrics’ next-generation predictive optimization software.Read more

Pharmaceutical Active Container Handling

We know that pharmaceutical products have to reach healthcare professionals and, ultimately, patients on time and in perfect condition.Read more

In Motion Magazine – Summer 2018

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Defense driver

Jan de Rijk Logistics cooperates with Dutch armed forces

Last week, staff from this logistics service provider participated in a military exercise in Germany. During this exercise, we looked at how Jan de Rijk staff can be effectively deployed within the armed forces.Read more

The future of supply chain resilience

Jan de Rijk Logistics attends the TAPA EMEA conference in Dublin on 23 & 24 October 2019. Supply chains need to adapt and respond to unprecedented levels of disruption. The need for end-to-end supply chain security and resilience has never been greater.Read more

Jan de Rijk truck,

That’s How – 50 Years Jan de Rijk Logistics

Jan de Rijk Logistics is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. The company was founded 50 years ago by Jan and Jacqueline de Rijk in Hoeven, Brabant. Since then, the small transport company has grown into a fully-fledged logistics service provider that serves customers in many ways. Jan de Rijk Logistics is the market leader in air freight and aerospace and a leading player in the international transport market on the road and via our intermodal connections.Read more

Coronavirus update

Roosendaal – Update about our transport services. Intermodal Transport Intermodal Transport operational. Visit this page for an overview of our Intermodal departures.Read more

Fast intermodal connection to northern Italy

Roosendaal, 28 October 2019 – Belgium, the Netherlands and the Ruhr area are now directly linked to northern Italy via a fast, intermodal connection. Jan de Rijk Intermodal B.V. and Wetron Transport & Logistics B.V. have signed an agreement with primeRail GmbH for two fast and frequent train connections to Italy. The companies will jointly operate services from Kaldenkirchen and Duisburg terminals to RHM Terminal in Melzo. The first Duisburg-Melzo service will depart on 04 January. A total of ten rotations will be completed per week.Read more