Quality Assurance: our commitment to excellence

At Jan de Rijk Logistics, we consider assurance of quality to be the cornerstone of our business. In the rapidly evolving field of transport and logistics, dependability and credibility are very important. For this reason, we have developed a robust corporate quality management system that goes above and beyond industry requirements. Our credentials serve as more than simply wall décor; they are evidence of our dedication to quality.

Why quality matters to us

We are aware that our clients rely on us to deliver their purchases in top shape, safely, and on schedule. Because of this, quality assurance is now an essential component of everything we do. This is how we guarantee excellence:

Procedures To uphold excellent standards across the board, we follow to strict procedures.
Continuous Improvement We’re continually seeking for methods to make our procedures and offerings better.
Customer Centricity Our quality management system is built on your requirements and satisfaction.

Our company-wide certifications

Our certifications demonstrate our dedication to quality and our commitment to continuous improvement. Here are some of the key certifications we hold:

  • ISO 14001:2015 — Environmental Management Systems
    • Ensures our operations are environmentally sustainable. Download
  • ISO 27001 — Information Security Management Systems
    • Safeguards your data with the highest standards of security.
  • ISO 9001:2015 — Quality Management Systems
    • Guarantees operational excellence and consistent service quality. Download

Service specific certifications

We also hold a range of certifications, assuring quality in specific areas of our business. These include:

  • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)
    • Streamlines customs processes, making them more secure and efficient.
  • CEIV Pharma Certificate
    • Ensures compliance with pharmaceutical logistics standards in airfreight, vital for handling sensitive medical goods.
  • GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices Plus)
    • Maintains high standards in the production and transport of animal feed.
  • GMP+ B3
    • Ensures high standards in the storage and handling of goods in our warehouses.
  • Good Distribution Practices (EU GDP)
    • Ensures the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products during transportation.
  • ISO 22000:2018
    • Ensures the highest standards in food safety throughout our supply chain.
  • TAPA FSR (Facility Security Requirements)
    • Ensures high security standards at our facilities.
  • TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements)
Certificate Name Company File
ISO 9001:2015 J.A.M. de Rijk B.V., Jan de Rijk Contract Logistics B.V., Jan de Rijk Services B.V., Jan de Rijk Intermodal B.V., Har Vaessen Expeditie B.V. Download
Jan de Rijk Benelux B.V. Download
Jan de Rijk Retail Belgium N.V. Download
ISO 14001:2015 J.A.M. de Rijk B.V., Jan de Rijk Contract Logistics B.V. Download
Jan de Rijk Benelux B.V., Jan de Rijk Assembly B.V. Download
ISO 22000:2018 J.A.M. de Rijk B.V. Download
Jan de Rijk Retail B.V. Download
Jan de Rijk Warehousing B.V. Download
GMP+ Jan de Rijk Logistics B.V. Download
Good Distribution Practices (EU GDP) J.A.M. de Rijk B.V. Download
AEO Roosendaal J.A.M. de Rijk B.V. Download
TAPA TSR J.A.M. de Rijk B.V. Download
BV GMP +B3 Jan de Rijk Warehousing B.V. Download
CEIV Pharma Certificate J.A.M. de Rijk B.V. Download
Groothandelsvergunning Eindhoven Jan de Rijk Warehousing B.V. Download
IATF 16949: 2016 Jan de Rijk Assembly B.V. Download

The benefits of our Quality Assurance

Choosing Jan de Rijk Logistics means choosing a partner who values quality as much as you do. Here’s how our commitment to quality benefits you:

  • Reliability: Our rigorous quality management systems ensure that your logistics are handled with precision and consistency, minimising risks and ensuring on-time deliveries every time.
  • Efficiency: By adhering to the highest standards, we streamline our processes, resulting in cost savings for you without compromising on service quality.
  • Security: Our certifications in information security and asset protection ensure that your data and goods are always secure, giving you peace of mind.
  • Sustainability and Compliance: Our environmental and safety certifications mean we operate responsibly, reducing our ecological footprint and ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards.
  • Customized Solutions: Our specific certifications in pharmaceutical logistics, food safety, and other sectors allow us to offer specialised solutions that meet your unique needs.



Why choose Jan de Rijk Logistics?

At Jan de Rijk Logistics, we understand that your business relies on dependable logistics. Our comprehensive certifications show our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in everything we do. Whether it’s environmental management, food safety, information security, or pharmaceutical logistics, our expertise, and dedication ensure that your goods are handled with the utmost care and precision.


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Choosing Jan de Rijk Logistics means partnering with a company that values quality as much as you do. Let us manage your logistics needs with the same dedication and attention to detail that you put into your business.

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