Roosendaal, November 15 – Jan de Rijk Logistics commits to business process improvements and CO2 offsetting in order to achieve continual growth in sustainability.
Marjan van Loon, President Shell Nederland, Royal Dutch Shell
Jan de Rijk, founder and owner of Jan de Rijk Logistics

Jan de Rijk Logistics has signed an agreement to participate in Shell’s CO2 compensation program. Shell supports worldwide projects that help to reduce or avoid CO2 emissions, whilst contributing to local community and nature initiatives.

Investing in the future

“We have been at the forefront of energy consumption reduction for a number of years. Our intelligent planning system JPLEXS achieves the shortest driving routes and efficient load factors. We have also recently rolled out our Control Tower solution, which has expanded our charter and customer portal and resulted in further optimization with selected partners and customers”.


Our commitment to intermodal transport has delivered further environmental benefits. Our train connection to Italy has successfully moved a large number of kilometers from road to rail, delivering both immediate improvements as well as investing in our future.

We also continually invest in the best technology available in order to update and operate our fleet of clean, modern trucks.

‘’Environmentally aware entrepreneurship is responsible entrepreneurship. Our continuous focus on CSR objectives has resulted in logical steps that will help us to achieve further sustainability”, – Fred Westdijk, CEO of Jan de Rijk Logistics.