Coronavirus is spreading more and more all over the world. In recent days, authorities and healthcare institutions have issued more restrictions and rules to curb the Coronavirus. From Jan de Rijk Logistics we follow the guidelines of RIVM and the government as much as possible. On this page, we would like to keep you informed of the latest news and the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus.

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France blocked arrivals of UK passengers for 48 hours over concerns about the new coronavirus variant.

Freight lorries cannot cross by sea or through the Eurotunnel and the Port of Dover has closed to outbound traffic.

About 10,000 lorries a day travel between Dover and Calais during peak periods such as Christmas.

UK ministers will discuss the move at a Cobra emergency committee on Monday.

On Sunday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urged the public and hauliers not to travel to ports in Kent, saying “significant disruption” was likely in the area.

Kent Police have mobilized Operation Stack – a system to park lorries on the M20 motorway in Kent at times of disruption – to deal with the build-up of traffic.

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We will keep you informed of the latest developments via our blog. We started posting updates on the blog on February 26, 2020. View the blog here and stay informed of the latest developments. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us!