Roosendaal, 7 May 2020 – Jan de Rijk Logistics has recently started a new phase in the cooperation with the Royal Dutch Army. It concerns a further cooperation between the Royal Dutch Army Supply and Transport Command (B&TCo) and Jan de Rijk Logistics.

In this context, the first seven container chassis have been put into use at the Transport Detachment Center of the Supply and Transport Command. As of today, these container chassis are available for business operations for the transport detachments of the B&TCo. This form of civil-military cooperation increases the logistical strength of the Royal Dutch Army.

The official cooperation started in December 2018 and Jan de Rijk Logistics and the Royal Dutch Army signed the first contract. In the meantime, we have arrived at the second phase in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Army (B&TCo), partly thanks to the intervention of DOSCO (Royal Dutch Army support command).

To celebrate this strengthened cooperation, Colonel Van Dijk (C-B&TCo, left on the photo) and Fred Westdijk (Jan de Rijk Logistics, right on the photo) cut the cake on Friday 24 April 2020.

Jan de Rijk Logistics would like to thank the Royal Dutch Army, DOSCO and B&TCo for this new phase and strengthening the cooperation!