Data sharing and intermodal transport reduce CO2 emissions

Jan de Rijk Intermodal uses advanced collaborative AEOLIX platform to reach it’s Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Combining logistic networks enhances the opportunities for co-loading, modal shifts and for optimizing the use of capacities and existing infrastructure. An expected reduction of CO2 emissions by 20 – 30 % is in reach when cross chain control centres are in place using the open AEOLIX platform for information exchange.


tests, validates and demonstrates the collaborative logistics ecosystem in a number of living labs.
The aim of the business case is to enhance network efficiency and effectiveness and the use of cross-chain capacities to optimize employment of assets and services and realize reduction in overall logistic costs and externalities.

Across Europe, there are eleven AEOLIX living labs which are testing and validating and implementing the AEOLIX concept and prototype. These living labs are based on real world conditions and on pre-defined business cases.

AEOLIX – Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange


Jan de Rijk Logistics operates its own train

Jan de Rijk Logistics offers a reliable and economical intermodal door to door service that connects the Benelux and Ruhr to Northern Italy. Jan de Rijk Logistics operates an intermodal company train that runs ten times a week between Venlo and Melzo.

The transit time of the train is 24 hours from terminal to terminal. Before the containers are loaded on the train, the shipments are loaded in the correct unloading sequence. This saves time at the destination and enables a fast delivery at the final destination, just a few hours after the arrival of the train.