Jan de Rijk Logistics switches home base fuel stations to HVO100

  • The success of offering HVO100 made Jan de Rijk Logistics change their home base setup;
  • The company aims to use 2.000.000 million liters of HVO100 in 2024;
  • This change underscores the company’s sustainability goals.

Roosendaal 28-05-2024, Jan de Rijk Logistics proudly announces that our home base fuel stations are now fully equipped for HVO renewable diesel. The commercial success of selling HVO to our customers in 2023 and in cooperation with our customers made us completely change from regular diesel to sustainable renewable diesel at our home base fuel station. This means that every truck fueling up at the home bases will depart on Hydrotreated vegetable oil.

The transition to HVO100 at the Roosendaal and Geldrop home bases underscores the company’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. By choosing HVO100, Jan de Rijk Logistics aims to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment while maintaining the highest standards of logistics efficiency and reliability.

“We are thrilled to announce the implementation of HVO100 fuel at our Roosendaal home base,” said Daniel Uijtdewillegen, COO at Jan de Rijk Logistics. “This initiative aligns with our long-term sustainability goals and reflects our ongoing efforts to embrace environmentally responsible solutions in all aspects of our operations.”

HVO100 offers numerous environmental benefits, including significant reductions in CO2 (approximately 90%), particulate matter, and nitrogen oxide emissions compared to traditional diesel. By making the switch, Jan de Rijk Logistics demonstrates its leadership in the logistics industry’s transition towards greener fuel alternatives.

The implementation of HVO100 at the Roosendaal and Geldrop home bases marks a milestone in Jan de Rijk Logistics’ sustainability journey and sets a precedent for future initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact while delivering top-notch logistics services.