Healthcare Logistics

The healthcare sector faces major challenges, including increasing healthcare use, rising healthcare costs and structural labor shortages.
As a result of these challenges, major transitions are underway in the healthcare sector to keep society future-proof and vital:

  1. A transformation from a ‘Reactive Care system to’ Proactive and Preventive Care solutions with a focus on individual behavior’, in which self-reliance and the citizen’s own control over their health are central (client-centric).
  2. The extramuralization of care, whereby care and support will increasingly be provided at citizens’ homes and at locations other than in the care institution.

Healthcare and logistics

The healthcare sector is therefore moving fast and is putting pressure on healthcare logistics managers to stay one step ahead of these changing needs.
The logistics sector plays an essential role in supporting these transitions. The logistics sector is exemplary for this because it makes frequent use of new (technological) developments, is accustomed to having to be adaptive to changes in society and naturally serves as a facilitator by offering services within various sectors.

The right care with the right logistics

Product integrity and healthcare

Product integrity is everything in healthcare. In the pharmaceutical supply chain, the slightest swing in a temperature-controlled truck can cause a drug to lose its effectiveness. At best, this can result in many euros wasted when medicines and therapies have to be thrown away. Worse still, if the problem goes undetected, lives could be at risk.
This challenge has led to a demand for reliable, real-time tracking and monitoring solutions to ensure compliance with safety protocols. Looking ahead, this demand will only increase as the number of pharmaceuticals requiring a cold chain and even cryogenic conditions increases every year.

Flexibility in healthcare logistics

Recent events have underlined the need to build flexibility into healthcare supply chains to strengthen their resilience. When the global pandemic hit, countless supply chains were disrupted, impacting the supply of everything from pharmaceuticals to personal protective equipment. While delays are undesirable in any industry, they can endanger lives in healthcare, making it critical for supply chain managers to find timely solutions when the worst happens.

Jan de Rijk Healthcare

Jan de Rijk Logistics therefore offers professional logistical support to healthcare.

Thanks to our well-trained drivers, ISO 9001:2015 and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certifications, our customers can rest assured that their medical products are handled with care. Please contact us and discover what we can do for you for Healthcare Logistics!

  • ISO 9001:2015 and GDP certified
  • GDP trained drivers
  • Conditioned transport (2-8 degrees)
  • Conditioned transport (15-25 degrees)
  • Conditioned transport (-20 degrees)
  • Medical delivery to patients, pharmacies & healthcare institutions
  • Customization

Healthcare logistics

Deliveries to patients

Medicines delivered at home
Specialist knowledge is required for the transport of medicines and healthcare products to patients. Both the products and the patients must be handled with care. The products are not only brought from A to B. In consultation with the customer, delivery can also be made directly to the desired floor. The service of Jan de Rijk Logistics for healthcare logistics therefore is about service to patient. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities for transporting medicines to patients at home!

Pharmacy Supplies

Innight delivery at the pharmacy
You can have your pharmacy stocked overnight. The medical goods are delivered at night in the goods vault of the pharmacy. The medical products are transported in specially designed crates. After delivery, the return crates are taken back immediately. Would you like the robot to be stocked in the pharmacy? Our drivers can do that too. In addition, the client and the customers are informed every morning of any details that the drivers have found in the pharmacy that night. Curious about what we can do for you in the field of pharmacy supplies? Feel free to ask us about the possibilities for transporting medicines and other medical products!

Healthcare institutions

Temperature-controlled transport
When transporting medical products, lives are at stake. Jan de Rijk Logistics knows this. That is why care and punctuality are of paramount importance to us. We deliver medical products to Dutch hospitals and healthcare institutions on a daily basis. We are experts in delivery at department level and physical handovers.

Hospitals order required products from wholesalers and producers. Jan de Rijk Logistics delivers their shipments in temperature-controlled cars.

Customized healthcare logistics

We adapt our services to your business operations
With its years of experience in the logistics sector, Jan de Rijk Logistics offers the best logistics solutions for both medical and non-medical customers. Therefore, we always strive for a quality objective of 100%, regardless of the product type. In addition to transport, we also offer options for: warehousing, repacking, packaging, labeling, assembly, sorting, and quality control. Feel free to contact us and discover what we can do for you!

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