Healthcare logistics

Healthcare Logistics

Expert in transporting medicines and medical devices

What we offer

Thanks to our well-trained drivers and ISO 9001: 2015 and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certifications, our clients can be sure their medical products are handled with care. More information about Healthcare Logistics and curious what solution we can offer for your logistics problem? Feel free to contact us or request a quote!

  • Highly experienced
  • ISO 9001: 2015 and GDP certified
  • GDP-trained drivers
  • Conditioned transport (2-8 degrees)
  • Conditioned transport (15-25 degrees)

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Dilia van Vliet

Dilia van Vliet
Tel: +31(0)30 6360082 / E-mail

Why Jan de Rijk Logistics for Healthcare Logistics?

The required knowledge and qualities
To be able to offer high-end healthcare services, in 2015 Jan de Rijk Logistics acquired Omega Logistics. Omega Logistics was founded in 2011 and specializes in high-quality healthcare logistics.

Drivers are trained for GDP and know everything they need to know about transporting medical products. On top of that they serve as staff. This is because it’s our ambition to deliver value beyond the front door. Our drivers are the friendly face of your organization to patients, pharmacies, healthcare institutions, and wholesalers.

Delivery to patients

Healthcare Distribution

One step further
The transportation of medicines to patients requires specialized knowledge. The transportation in Healtcare Logistics needs to be handled with care. We not only transport products from A to B, but in consultation with your customers we deliver directly to the right floor and door.

Delivery to pharmacies

Night deliveries to pharmacies
If we have access to the goods lock, it is possible to have your pharmacy stocked at night. We take back all the empty crates, which are designed especially for transporting medical products. Other activities, such as supplying the pharmacy robot, can be carried out by the driver too. Every morning clients and customers are updated on events of the last night.

Omega Logistics on its way

Healthcare institutions

Omega Logistics website

Temperature controlled transport
When transporting medical products, lives are at stake. Jan de Rijk Logistics knows this. That is why care and punctuality are of paramount importance to us. We deliver medical products to Dutch hospitals and healthcare institutions on a daily basis. We are experts in delivery at department level and physical handovers.

Hospitals order required products from wholesalers and producers. Jan de Rijk Logistics delivers their shipments in temperature-controlled cars.

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