TAPA Transport (TSR)

In this particular industry where time to market is essential and moreover the value density is often very high, it is absolutely crucial to be able to count on a reliable partner like Jan de Rijk Logistics. Our company offers secured TAPA transport that ensures a seamless supply chain integration that gets your product to the customer in a safe and quick way and at the same time keeps your inventory cost low. More information about Secured TAPA Transport? Contact us or directly request a quote on our website.

  • Innovative solutions with full transparency
  • TAPA TSR 1 and 2 certified
  • Security Desk
  • Trucks are monitored 24/7
  • Real-time tracking & tracing

Why Jan de Rijk Logistics for Secured TAPA Transport?

Jan de Rijk Logistics differentiates itself through robust transport solutions with high visibility throughout the entire logistics process. The combination of our secured solutions, IT connectivity and warehousing possibilities ensures a safe, transparent and reliable logistics operation. Currently Jan de Rijk Logistics is serving most of the leading high-tech producers.

We view every transport movement we provide as high value. Our committed staff use our reliable equipment to transport all kinds of goods throughout Europe on a daily basis. However, certain types of goods receive extra attention: Secured transport.

TAPA Trucking Security Requirements (TSR)

Typically, these goods include valuable consumer electronics. But often the transport of commodities such as pharmaceuticals also require special security measures. Jan de Rijk Logistics is an experienced High Secure transport partner. Our fleet is TAPA TSR 1 certified and thanks to our secured capabilities we can accommodate nearly any request our customers have.

We offer:

  • Screened drivers
  • GPS in bot truck and trailer
  • Panic buttons
  • Electronic door locks with alarms
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Route fencing
  • Highest level TAPA TSR 1 certified

Security Desk for Secured TAPA Transport

Within our planning department we have a dedicated High Secure transport team. In advance of any transport taking place, every new lane receives a Route Profile which is created together with our Security Manager.

The main goal of the Route Profile is to ensure the safest route, taking into account secure parking, and to minimize potential en-route delays. If during the course of a shipment any delays or emergencies arise, we directly connect with our driver, planning, security team and customer to define a new and safer route.


During all transport movements, each truck and trailer is monitored 24/7. We are also able to offer real-time connections with the Gatehouse platform.
Our onboard scanners provide our customers with a POD directly after delivery.

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