The usage of technological products in the average household has significantly risen over the past years and is still growing. Whether it are smartphones, cameras, tablets, smart home devices or any products of that kind, Jan de Rijk Contract Logistics ensures that your goods a stored in a secure and efficient way. Delivery of these products on-time and at the right person, shop or business is the key focus.

Jan de Rijk Contract Logistics offers end-to-end supply chain solutions from their highly secured facility in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. Pallets can be stored in the automated high-bay area, cartons and pieces in the AutoStore solution. These advanced warehouse solutions ensure the required flexibility, performance during peak activities and scalability in the nowadays logistics playing field

In the extend of the warehouse services, Jan de Rijk Logistics offers safe TAPA-Compliant logistics solutions across the whole of Europe to clients for whom a fully controlled process and time-to-market are essential. Transport is executed with TAPA-TSR1 certified vehicles, movements are monitored 24/7, and route-fencing and geo-fencing are used.

The close corporation between these divisions ensures that the full scope of logistics activities are covered. From inbound trucking or air cargo, to warehousing and fulfilment, to value added services and outbound palletized or parcel deliveries. Managing your logistics services, so you can focus on your core business.

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