Benelux distribution

Benelux distribution

Throughout the Benelux within 24 hours

What we offer

“Our modern fleet, experienced drivers and innovative concepts ensure that clients in the Benelux, Northern France and German Ruhr area enjoy a consistently high quality of distribution.”

  • Pallet distribution
  • Warehouses in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Overnight network
  • Retail deliver to over 2,000 stores
  • Container trucking
  • Hub-and-spoke delivery

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Ben Scheffer
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Why choose Jan de Rijk Logistics?

Going one step further
Jan de Rijk delivers throughout the BeNeLux within 24 hours. Furthermore, the advanced and dynamic order management and planning system, which supports real-time tracking & tracing of vehicles and loads, offers maximum visibility and transparency.

Next to this, it is also possible to proactively communicate estimated delivery times to customers via SMS or e-mail, and facilitate electronic proof of delivery and scanning.

Environmentally friendly

Meeting the latest requirements
Sustainability is of great importance to Jan de Rijk Logistics and its customers. Our fleet meets the latest requirements with regard to environmental and noise standards in the Benelux, and in particular the inner-city areas. For example we use hybrid trucks, eco-combos and whisper trailers.

Delivery to stores

Delivery before or after opening hours
Jan de Rijk Logistics supplies 2000 retail stores throughout the Benelux, France and Germany every week. If stores choose to be supplied outside of opening hours, the goods are placed in a goods lock during agreed time windows. Access to the goods lock is provided with an access code or key.

Route optimization

Advanced route optimization system
Jan de Rijk Logistics uses advanced software to optimize routes. This saves clients mileage, shortens delivery times, and increases reliability. Known bottlenecks in traffic and inner city areas are avoided whenever possible.

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