Night distribution

While you and your employees are enjoying your night’s rest, we will get to work for you. At these hours we are not hindered by traffic jams or busy city centers. By the time that you arrive at work, your shipment has already been delivered.

We supply retailers, car and truck garages, wholesalers, technical companies.
Thanks to night distribution, work always continues during the day. Your employees are no longer waiting for a package or shipment to do their work. By the time that they arrive at work, your shipment is already there, and we take away any packaging or returns immediately. That’s what we call a good, clean and fresh start of the day, every day!

Night distribution increases productivity and saves downtime for all parties. Our drivers will collect the shipment from you at the end of the day and ensure that it is delivered the same night.

GDP certified distribution

Pharmacy supplies at night: night deliveries by our healthcare logistics department
You have the option to have your pharmacy stocked at night at a time of your choosing. At night we put the medical goods in the goods lock of the pharmacy. All staff are GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certified. This means that they are trained in delivering shipments to the medical sector. Our drivers also carry out other activities, such as supplying the robot in the pharmacy. The customers are informed every morning of any details that the drivers have found in the pharmacy during the night delivery.

Key management

Drivers who take care of the night distribution have the keys, access and security codes of your pick-up and collection location, so that your staff does not have to be present to receive goods. Thanks to night distribution, your own planning continues without delay.

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