Pharmacy deliveries

Having ordered medicines on time is essential for keeping a pharmacy running. Jan de Rijk Logistics supplies pharmacies throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis with medical products and medicines from various pharmaceutical wholesalers. Discover the possibilities for transport to pharmacies!

The necessary medical products are ordered by the pharmacies from the wholesaler. We then transport the products to the pharmacies at night and in the morning. Jan de Rijk Logistics delivers the shipments in temperature-controlled vehicles. The medical products and medicines can be transported under the following conditions:

  • 15-25°C temperature controlled transport
  • 2-8°C temperature controlled transport
  • Standard transport
Home deliveries
to patients
GDP Certified
IATA CEIV Pharma Handling Certified
temperature control

Pharmacy deliveries at night: night deliveries

You have the option to have your pharmacy stocked at night at a time of your choosing. At night we put the medical goods in the goods locker of the pharmacy. This locker can be reached by means of an access code that the pharmacist has provided. We transport the medical products and medicines in special crates. After delivery, our drivers immediately take empty crates with them. Our drivers also carry out other activities, such as supplying the robot in the pharmacy. In addition, the client and the customers are informed every morning of any details that the drivers have found in the pharmacy during the night delivery.

All staff is GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certified. This means that they are trained in delivering shipments to the medical sector. We are compliant with the latest regulations and guidelines. For example, Jan de Rijk Logistics has pharma-certified commercial vehicles. In addition, Jan de Rijk Logistics is GDP and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Please feel free to contact us and discover the possibilities for pharmacy deliveries. We are happy to help you and take care of your logistics solution!

15-25 °C controlled transport

Jan de Rijk Logistics uses temperature-controlled trucks for 15-25 °C controlled transport. We have a varied fleet of vehicles, from vans to trucks. The cars are equipped with temperature sensors so that the temperature is constantly monitored. This data is also available online to the customer via an app. When the temperature threatens to become too high or too low, the planning department and the driver automatically receive a warning. Jan de Rijk Logistics also has a GDP-certified Healthcare cross-dock. This Healthcare hub has been checked at 15-25°C. From the collection address, the medical products are transported to the Healthcare hub of Jan de Rijk Logistics. We then deliver the products to the location of your choice.

2-8 °C controlled transport

Jan de Rijk Logistics has various solutions for cold chain shipments. Depending on the type of customer, we choose the best solution in consultation. Jan de Rijk Logistics has mobile refrigerators in which the shipments can be transported for, among other things, patient deliveries. The refrigeration installation consists of a refrigeration unit fitted with a mobile undercarriage, a GPS tracking system and a battery pack. This allows active cooling for 16 hours continuously. When the temperature falls below 3 degrees or above 8 degrees, an alarm follows. The refrigerators can be followed via an online platform or via the Jan de Rijk Logistics app. The advantage of this method of transport is that we can send cold chain shipments in every car. We also have trucks that can cool 2°-8°C or combined. These vehicles are also equipped with sensors and a GPS tracking system so that the status of the shipment is clear to the customer.

Medical supplies

Staff is also GDP trained for non-temperature controlled medical supplies. In this way, we guarantee product safety and quality. The quality and safety in every aspect of the service are important!

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  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Wholesalers
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals

In addition to pharmacy deliveries, we offer even more options for the transport of medicines. View the options here:

Environmentally friendly fleet

A fleet that meets the latest requirements
A sustainable interpretation of distribution services is of great importance to Jan de Rijk Logistics and its customers. The fleet of vehicles for deliveries within the Benelux, and in particular the inner-city areas, meets the latest requirements with regard to environmental and noise standards. Examples are hybrid trucks, whisper trailers and eco-combi’s.

Temperature controlled

Temperature secured
Our entire fleet, from small delivery vans to tractor-trailer combinations, has a track & trace system and continuous real-time temperature monitoring. This allows us to guarantee the temperature at all times. This is real-time trackable and transparent. The temperature profile is continuously recorded and stored electronically. You also know the location and the current temperature of the transport space at any time.

Beyond the doorstep

The service of Jan de Rijk Logistics goes beyond the doorstep. Jan de Rijk Logistics provides daily distribution to pharmacies in the Benelux; also outside opening hours. The goods are placed in the goods locker at agreed window times.

Other services

In addition to pharmacy deliveries, Jan de Rijk Logistics also offers other options. View the options for home deliveries, deliveries to healthcare institutions and customization.

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