What we offer as Intermodal Transport

We are specialized in high-quality intermodal transport to and from Italy and Austria. Transporting large volumes is no problem, as we have our own fleet, which is managed from our own office; centrally located in the Euregio. Our trains run twice daily to Italy. Even FTL, LTL and temperature-controlled shipments, are no obstacle. Combining our own fleet of specialized transport equipment and trained drivers with an efficient network will give confidence in current modern transports.
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Cost savings (Excellent price-performance ratio)
Sustainable & Ecological Alternative
Higher weight per load possible than road transport
Cooled Transport
80% lower CO² Emissions

Why choose Jan de Rijk Intermodal?

We are a one-stop-shop that combines the advantages of a large multinational with the flexibility and personal attention of a family-owned business. You can contact us at any time. Our intermodal transport vehicles have multimodal 45 ft. high-cube containers (box, tarpaulin, or temperature-controlled). Jan de Rijk Intermodal is operating its own train. We are offering reliable and economical door-to-door services, which connect the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ruhr to Italy.

Our intermodal company train runs ten times a week, two times a day from Monday till Friday between Duisburg and Melzo. Intermodal transport to Austria is also possible. In addition to our own train connection to Italy, Jan de Rijk Intermodal also offers intermodal transports to Austria. We use the connection Neuss to Wels and with our own fleet, we will load and unload your valuable products. We, Jan de Rijk Logistic, are offering a reliable service in the intermodal field of transport.

Guaranteed load capacity
Track & Trace
2 Departures a day

Terminal in Roosendaal for intermodal transport

Jan de Rijk Logistics facilitates an intermodal terminal for seamless integration of road transport, rail transport, and storage in Roosendaal. The wagons in the terminal are shunted in-house. Moreover, the wagons are covered and loaded high-secured. The terminal is directly connected to the international rail network.

Roosendaal, in the Netherlands, is located close to the ports of Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam, and Moerdijk.

Conditioned intermodal transport

Jan de Rijk Logistics also offers conditioned transport. We have temperature-controlled containers (reefers) to deliver temperature-critical loads to customers in perfect condition.

Groupage, LTL and FTL

In addition to FTL, Jan de Rijk also offers groupage and part-load shipments to Italy. Jan de Rijk Logistics collects the shipments at your location and ensures they will depart the same evening with the train.

At the arrival station Jan de Rijk Logistics delivers LTL and FTL shipments on the same day the train arrives; both in Northern Italy as well as in the Benelux.

Other intermodal connections

Intermodal transport to Austria
In addition to our own train connection to Italy, Jan de Rijk Logistics also offers intermodal transport to Austria. The transport will be partly by train transport, and partly road transport.

Planning Intermodal Departures

Every week we keep you informed of our Intermodal departures. On this page you will find a weekly update with the departure times to Italy and from Italy to Duisburg. If you have any questions, you can of course contact us!

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