Secured TAPA Transport (TSR)

TAPA stands for: Transported Asset Protection Association. Or in other words: secure transport. It is therefore absolutely crucial to be able to count on a reliable partner like Jan de Rijk Logistics. Jan de Rijk Logistics offers secured TAPA certified transport that ensures a seamless supply chain integration that gets your product to the customer in a safe and quick way and at the same time keeps your inventory cost low. More information about Secured TAPA Transport? Contact us directly.

  • Innovative solutions with full transparency
  • TAPA TSR 1 and 2 certified
  • Security Desk
  • Trucks are monitored 24/7
  • Real-time tracking & tracing

We are TAPA certified

The purpose of the TAPA certification is to ensure as little load loss as possible. We want to avoid this at all costs. With a TAPA certification, we demonstrate that we at Jan de Rijk are aware of the security risks and which measures we are expected to take to ensure minimal risks when transporting goods that must be transported with the utmost care and security. In this way we distinguish ourselves and we can say with certainty that we are the best party when it comes to TAPA transport. We offer quality international transport for all your valuable goods.

Your goods transported safely with TAPA transport

This is possible at Jan de Rijk Logistics. We are a transport organization that takes the safe transport of goods very seriously. We meet the requirements set by the TAPA standard, we are also certified for this so that your goods will arrive safely at their destination. The moment you have high-quality and risky products transported by Jan de Rijk, we take the right safety measures and our staff and drivers are additionally trained for TAPA transport. We apply strict rules and in this way we show that we at Jan de Rijk meet the strict requirements that are expected from TAPA transport.

Why Jan de Rijk Logistics for secured TAPA Transport?

Jan de Rijk Logistics differentiates itself through robust transport solutions with high visibility throughout the entire logistics process. The combination of our secured solutions, IT connectivity and warehousing possibilities ensures a safe, transparent and reliable logistics operation. Currently Jan de Rijk Logistics is serving many of the leading high-tech producers.

We consider every transport we provide as vulnerable; there is always a threat. However, certain types of goods receive extra attention: valuables such as can be the case with electronics, or pharmaceutical shipments. They qualify for highly secured transport.

Transport high-quality goods by trained drivers

Our drivers are all screened, trained and certified to take high-quality goods on the road. Our trucks are also equipped with the necessary safety measures. The safety of our drivers and your high-quality goods is therefore our top priority. All our drivers who drive valuable goods have the correct certificate and are trained to deliver your goods to the desired location. Our vehicles are monitored 24/7 and have real-time tracking and tracing. This way we are always aware of where the freight is.

TAPA Trucking Security Requirements (TSR)

TAPA provides guidelines in the area of transportation security. It also describes the requirements that transport companies must meet in order to be certified. Typically, these goods include valuable consumer electronics. But often the transport of commodities such as pharmaceuticals also require special security measures.

TAPA TSR is the official standard for safe road transport of high value goods and this certification has 3 levels, with increasingly stricter requirements.

  • TSR 1 = Elevated Security Protection
  • TSR 2 = Moderate Security Protection
  • TSR 3 = Basic Security Protection

Jan de Rijk can offer any of these security regimes, which are determined in close cooperation with the customer. Know that our fleet is TAPA TSR 1 certified and thanks to our secured capabilities we can accommodate nearly any request our customers have.

We offer:

  • Screened drivers
  • Security trained staff
  • DATA integrity
  • GPS tracking and tracing in both truck and trailer
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Quick response teams
  • Electronic route fencing
  • Electronic door locks with alarms

Security Desk for Secured TAPA Transport

Within our planning department we have a dedicated High Secure transport team headed by our security manager. In advance of any transport taking place, every new lane receives a Route Profile which is created together with our security manager.

The main goal of the Route Profile is to ensure the safest route, taking into account secure parking, and to minimize potential en-route delays. If during the course of a shipment any delays or emergencies arise, we directly connect with our driver, planning, security team and customer to define a new and safer route.


During all transport movements, each truck and trailer is monitored 24/7.  Also on the road we can provide security escort vehicle services, that provide protection for high value loads which require the presence of security personnel in case of any criminal intent on its route..

We are also able to offer real-time connections with the Gatehouse platform. Our onboard scanners provide our customers with a POD directly after delivery.

What is TAPA

TAPA stands for Transported Asset Protection Association. The purpose of TAPA is to minimize transport crime, cargo theft and the loss of goods. This is a unique forum in which security professionals and business partners of global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders together establish leading security standards for the supply chain.

The TAPA certification demonstrates that goods within the supply chain are protected from theft. TAPA provides security guidelines to standardize the level of security. Based on our TAPA certification, we demonstrate that the business processes are in order and secure and that your cargo is preventively protected against cargo theft by the supply chain. This has become particularly important for the high-value technology and pharmaceutical goods; vulnerable categories which are increasingly targeted.

Who is TAPA Transport for?

TAPA transport is intended for anyone who wants to transport goods safely without anything happening to it. Whether this is for logistics service providers, the police, the judiciary, producers or other involved parties. When you transport valuable goods, it is extremely important to secure them properly. Transport crime continues to increase, such as cargo theft. There are an increasing number of incidents involving regular use of violence. Every year, more than 8 billion euros worth of loads are stolen from trucks worldwide. This is something you absolutely want to avoid, both for the safety of drivers and that of the goods.

TAPA ensures that cargo theft does not stand a chance by setting security requirements, providing training and certifying transport companies according to the official TAPA standard. Thanks to our TAPA certification, it is possible to combat transport crime and transport goods safely from A to B.

What does TAPA TSR certification mean?

In addition to the fact that TAPA certification stands for limiting transport crime and loss of goods, it is a certificate that more and more shippers are requesting. They want to be sure that products are transported safely. As cargo theft becomes more common, the requirements for transporting certain goods are becoming stricter. With a TAPA certificate we show that we know how to act when transport needs to be secured. The TAPA TSR certification describes the requirements that we as a transport company must meet in order to be officially certified.

Certification by level

The TAPA TSR certification has three levels, whereby the requirements per level are increasingly strict.

  • Level 1: Elevated Security Protection
  • Level 2: Moderate Security Protection
  • Level 3: Basic Security Protection

For each level, we have clear requirements that trucks must meet. At TAPA TSR level 1, electronic, automatic or manually operated locks must be present. In addition, at level 2 unique locks are required. This means that we use different codes, passwords or keys to open different locks. At level 3 of the TAPA TSR certification, locks and other fasteners must be able to withstand great force and cannot be manipulated in any way.

In addition to the different levels, there are also certain network requirements that we meet. For example, at level 1 we must use 3,4 or 5G and SMS or GPRS. In addition, at level 1 there can only be 5 minutes between two reports. At level 2 this is 30 minutes. When it comes to level 3, track & trace data can be read and followed. At the highest level (TSR 1), a loud alarm will sound when unauthorized opening of a cargo area.

At Jan De Rijk Logistics we strictly comply with all requirements and because we are TAPA TSR certified, you can be sure that goods are transported in the safest way.

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