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Will automation and electric vehicles create a new future for logistics?

Reliable trucks and a back-up in the form of a well-oiled dealer network that has its maintenance processes organised at every level. This is exactly why Jan de Rijk Logistics has chosen DAF for so many years. Eighty LF, CF and XF trucks in various versions have been ordered for 2019, including a number of … Continue reading "Jan de Rijk Logistics deploys 80 new DAFS"
Jan de Rijk Logistics is making headway in the industry again by implementing Transmetrics’ next-generation predictive optimization software. With the company’s predictive assets management product AssetMetrics, Jan de Rijk Logistics will be able to reach higher levels of operational efficiency and provide an even more reliable service to its customers. Ascs enables proactive and data-driven decisions … Continue reading "Predictive Assets Optimization"
We know that pharmaceutical products have to reach healthcare professionals and, ultimately, patients on time and in perfect condition. Active Container Handling To achieve this we strive for perfect cooperation with all our partners and clients in the transportation chain. Jan de Rijk Logistics together with Pharma Gateway Amsterdam (PGA), AFKLMP and Envirotainer provide state-of-the-art … Continue reading "Pharmaceutical Active Container Handling"
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Jan de Rijk Logistics is participating in a project with the Ministry of Defense to explore the possibilities of exchanging personnel and knowledge. Last week, staff from this logistics service provider participated in a military exercise in Germany. During this exercise, we looked at how Jan de Rijk staff can be effectively deployed within the … Continue reading "Jan de Rijk Logistics cooperates with Dutch armed forces"

Streamlined processes and automation with Lanetix increases productivity, responsiveness and accountability to delight customers

Secondary cargo airports will grow faster than the current main air cargo hubs in Europe according to an on-line polling organised.

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The 2018 Outlook report of the Cargo Airports & Airline Services Magazine features Sebastiaan Scholte, Marcel de Nooijer, Lars Droog, Joans van Stekelenburg and many more... Read more

The trucking industry is undergoing a period of intense scrutiny, with publicity about automation and electric vehicles generating excitement and apprehension in equal measure.

Last year, Jan de Rijk Logistics transported a 66 million year old skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from Schiphol airport to the city of Leiden.