Transport to Germany

Transport to Germany

Guten Tag Germany

Every day, we start our mornings with one mission: delivering satisfaction in the form of a quality transport service. Our trucks will gladly transport your desired goods to and from Germany, daily, as per your needs, to the locations you require, and the timings you decide! Still wondering about what solutions we can offer? Contact usfor more information or request a quote.

  • Daily departures to Germany
  • Office in Frankfurt am Main
  • From Mega Trailers to conditioned trailers and double floor trailers
  • Knowledge of the German market

Why Jan de Rijk Logistics is the right partner for the transport of your goods to Germany?

With Jan de Rijk Logistics, you’ll always be with safe hands!Our experts in Germany have been in the German market for years. Hence, they’re fully familiar with the German culture, language, legal system, and geography. Also, our office being located in Frankfurt am Main, near Frankfurt Airport, puts us right in the middle of the market! We’ll keep you at complete ease by arranging you with the transport service best suitable for your needs.

More information?

Sjors Melisse

Sales Department
Tel: +31 (0)16 557 28 06 / E-mail

Digitization and transparency

Digitalisering en innovatie

Transparency is key in every supply chain. Using the most modern systems, Jan de Rijk Logistics supports your company through seamless communication. This makes doing business easy. Your ERP system can be directly connected to our Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or through our customer portal. This ensures that bookings and documentation are simplified. Did you know that with our J-Connect® monitory system you are aware of the progress of your transport? Digitization and transparency are of great importance in the transport world. At Jan de Rijk Logistics you benefit from seamless communication, tracking & tracing and professional support from our employees.

Knowledge of the German market

With our own location in Frankfurt am Main, near Frankfurt Airport, we are literally right in the middle of the market. Our Germany experts have been working in the German market for years. They are fully familiar with the German language and culture. In addition, our employees know the German rules, culture and geography to ensure that everything goes smoothly and quickly for your transport to Germany.

Eigen vestiging in Frankfurt

Automotive Logistics in Germany

Automotive Logistics

Germany is pre-eminently an automotive market. Complex automotive logistics issues are solved by Jan de Rijk Automotive Logistics. The quality of Jan de Rijk Automotive Logistics is guaranteed in accordance with ISO 19001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. We provide assembly, value added services and transport with strategically located warehouses in the central and southern Netherlands. Jan de Rijk Automotive Logistics processes are coordinated on the basis of LEAN and Six Sigma. Interested to know more about Automotive Logistics? Feel free to contact us.

Different markets

Automotive Logistics is an important market that we serve in Germany. Fortunately, it’s not the only market we serve, our business also includes:

Jan de Rijk Aerospace Division

Groupage or LTL transport to Germany

Jan de Rijk Logistics offers more options than just FTL transport. Taking care of LTL or groupage transport is also possible. If your goods are not in a hurry, groupage of partial shipments is ideally suited. Are you in a hurry to transport your goods? Then choose our regular service to Germany.

  • Pallets
  • Shipments with different sizes
  • CC carts
  • Air freight
  • Flowers and plants

Coronavirus and transport to Germany

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has a huge impact on our daily lives. That is why we think it is very important to communicate about this. On this page, you can find more information about our services during the Coronavirus and the latest developments.

More information about transport to Germany or a suitable offer for your needs? Contact us! Jan de Rijk Logistics is happy to help you!