As a logistics company, we meet customer needs and simplify the supply chain from start to finish. International and national, simple: THAT’S HOW.

Transport and contract logistics; all in one company

Jan de Rijk Logistics is a leading supplier of European transport and distribution services and associated contract logistics. We operate in different markets (from air cargo to technology) with five accessible products.

Logistics services from Jan de Rijk Logistics

Jan de Rijk Logistics for transport and logistics

At Jan de Rijk Logistics it’s all about unburdening for customers across the entire supply chain. The wishes of the customer are always central. We ensure that all your materials or products arrive on time and safely at their destination. It is therefore not for nothing that many customers have trusted us for many years.

Jan de Rijk Logistics invests in innovation, in both logistics solutions and automation. Sustainability is high on our agenda. We therefore pay a lot of attention to sustainable logistics. As a pioneer in logistics, we are busy devising sustainable solutions. After all, as a progressive logistics company, we want to reduce our ecological footprint.

We are an enterprising family business with a flat organization and the courage to do business. The service of Jan de Rijk Logistics is lightning fast and can respond to changing customer demand. This is what we promise to our customer. That’s how!

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Working in logistics

Do you like working at one of Europe’s largest logistics companies? Then respond to our logistics vacancies. We are always looking for people with a passion for the logistics process. Transport companies such as Jan de Rijk Logistics are always looking for drivers and warehouse employees. Will you join us?

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Logistics specialist in many sectors

Jan de Rijk serves a wide range of sectors. Since its foundation in 1971, this logistics company has specialized in a number of markets: aerospace, airfreight, automotive, e -commerce, general cargo, pharma, retail, sports events, shows/concerts and technology.

Discover which of our logistics services are interesting for your company in these markets. And which can help with your logistics issue. Jan de Rijk Logistics is – literally – at home in all markets.

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Latest News

Jan de Rijk Logistics integrates Boltrics’ DMS for enhanced customs management

17-06-2024 Roosendaal Jan de Rijk Logistics is pleased to announce the successful integration of the Document Management System (DMS) from Boltrics. This significant upgrade enhances our customs management capabilities, ensuring a more streamlined, efficient, and accurate process.Read more

Jan de Rijk Renews TAPA TSR Certification

Roosendaal 01-06-2024 - We are proud to announce that Jan de Rijk Logistics has successfully renewed its Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) certificationsRead more

Jan de Rijk Logistics switches home base fuel stations to HVO100

Roosendaal 28-05-2024, Jan de Rijk Logistics proudly announces that our home base fuel stations are now fully equipped for HVO renewable diesel.Read more