Transport to Poland by road

Jan de Rijk Logistics takes care of the transport of your goods to Poland. With years of experience, we are your specialist for transport to Poland. We also arrange transport from Poland. Jan de Rijk Logistics offers you various transport options for transporting your goods to and from Poland. We provide a suitable offer! Feel free to contact us or request a quote.

By road and rail: intermodal transport to and from Poland

Jan de Rijk Logistics is your specialist for intermodal transport on Poland.
Why use intermodal transportation? Transporting large volumes whether these are FTL or LTL is our core business. We do this in a sustainable and ecological way as we believe this is the best solution for our customers and the environment.
Intermodal transport is an environmental friendly and economic alternative to transport by road. We arrange door-to-door transport in line with your desired turnaround time for FTL and LTL transport!

Security. Intermodal transport is very secure. Using dedicated intermodal cargo units protects the freight during the transport cycle, reducing the risk of theft and damage to a minimum. Our service is from door-to-door, from pickup to delivery. Strict procedures ensure a safe transition between first and final mile movements and the train. On the train, the shipment is in a sealed closed container on a direct rail connection to the destination. We make sure your container is continuously on the move.

Environmental benefits. Sustainability is important for us – and for our customers. We are focused on sustainability and we are developing solutions to limit our impact on the environment. Compared to road transport intermodal transport results in a reduction of your carbon footprint. Intermodal connections can result in up to 80% lower CO2 emissions compared to road

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Why Jan de Rijk Logistics for transport to Poland?

Jan de Rijk Logistics knows better than anyone how important it is that your goods arrive in Poland at the right time and safely. Our Poland experts have been working in this market for years. We have our own office in Warsaw, located at the Warsaw Airport. With our Polish location, we are right in the middle of the market. Our employees are fully familiar with the Polish language, culture, rules, and geography. Thanks to our own capacity, we are very flexible. In addition, our central planning department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Reliable transport of your goods to and from Poland

Jan de Rijk Logistics ensures reliable and safe transport to and from Poland and is also known all over Europe. Depending on the nature and destination of the goods or circumstances, we provide the most suitable route for the transport of your goods. Do you for example want a fast and continuous service? Then ask about the possibilities for double-manned transport. It is not without reason that our customers entrust us year after year with their most urgent and vulnerable products for are aware of the progress of your transport? Digitization and transparency are of great importance in the transport world. At Jan de Rijk Logistics you benefit from seamless communication, tracking & tracing and professional support from our employees.

IT Systems

IT solutions are crucial for our logistics solutions. By using advanced systems, such as transport management, planning and tracking & tracing software, we ensure optimal control of our distribution and service for you. This includes digital consignment notes and real-time shipment information that we make available in our customer portal.

The Coronavirus and transport to Poland

Currently, the Corona virus keeps us all busy. Jan de Rijk Logistics therefore considers it important to keep you informed of our services, news and the latest developments. On this page you will find more information about the Coronavirus.

Groupage or LTL transport to Poland

In addition to FTL transport, Jan de Rijk Logistics offers even more options for your goods. Consider, for example, groupage of partial shipments, multimodal or LTL transport. We provide a logistics solution that suits your needs.

More markets we serve

Jan de Rijk Logistics offers transport and logistics solutions for various markets. In which market are you active? View the different markets:

  • Air Cargo
  • Aerospace Transport
  • E-Commerce
  • General Cargo
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Retail Distribution
  • Sport Events
  • Shows and Concerts
  • Vulnerable Cargo

Jan de Rijk Logistics provides many different transport services. We have the necessary materials and knowledge to serve these different markets.