Sport Events, Shows and Concerts

After the last whistle sound our challenge just begins.
Immediately after the match or show our men come into action. This branch in logistics requires specialist knowledge, experience, flexibility and a thorough network. After the completion of large-scale events, everything will be loaded and on its way to the next event, within a few hours! More information about Project and Event Logistics? Feel free to contact us or directly request a quote.

Airside Deliveries

If it is outside of Europe, and will be going on a flight, we even have experience in delivering airside on the platform directly into the aircraft. Our experience means that our clients can focus on their business: organizing sporting events, shows and concerts around the world.
In our turn we make sure that everything is in place for the next game or show to start.

Sensitive equipment, machines & factory relocations for Event Logistics

Leading manufacturers of high-quality equipment and machines have been choosing Jan de Rijk Logistics as their preferred logistics partner for many years. These transports require expertise, state of the art equipment and a vast experience. Carefulness and craftsmanship offer our customers a guarantee that their equipment will be delivered correctly and without fail. On many occasions, we go beyond what could be expected.

The relocation of complete factories and production sites is such a specialism. This is where we can offer all-in-one transport, in which planning and coordination are the key factors. We are able to carry out a complete (international) relocation. Speed, expertise, and coordinating power is what customers can expect from us.

Special solutions / sensitive cargo

We are not easily surprised. Not even when we were asked to transport a few Giant Panda Bears or a T-rex. It is obviously not a daily job and certainly not one that can be carried out easily. We approach specific challenges with specific attention. We analyse the expected bottlenecks; who are the stakeholders, which risks, and value are involved (which sometimes can’t be expressed in money that easily).

It is precisely our expertise and experience that allows us to develop a well-thought-out plan for each specific occasion. With every special project we put together an experienced team of specialists who come to a project proposal in close collaboration with the client.
Only when all stakeholders are convinced, we put our plan into action.
Jan de Rijk Logistics does not quickly say that something is not possible.


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