Transport to and from Spain by road

Every day, we start our mornings with one mission, which is delivering satisfaction in the form of a quality transport service. Our trucks will gladly transport your desired goods to and from various Spanish cities, daily, as per your needs, to the locations you require, and the timings you decide!
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By road and rail: intermodal transport to and from Spain

Jan de Rijk Logistics is your specialist for intermodal transport for Spain.
Why use intermodal transportation? Transporting large volumes whether these are FTL or LTL is our core business. We transport in a sustainable and ecological way as we believe this is the best solution for our customers and the environment.
Intermodal transport is an environmental friendly and economic alternative to transport by road. We arrange door-to-door transport in line with your desired turnaround time for FTL and LTL transport!

Security. Intermodal transport is very secure. Using dedicated intermodal cargo units protects the freight during the transport cycle, reducing the risk of theft and damage to a minimum. Our service is from door-to-door, from pickup to delivery. Strict procedures ensure a safe transition between first and final mile movements and the train. On the train, the shipment is in a sealed closed container on a direct rail connection to the destination. We make sure your container is continuously on the move.

Environmental benefits. Sustainability is important for us – and for our customers. We are focused on sustainability and we are developing solutions to limit our impact on the environment. Compared to road transport intermodal transport results in a reduction of your carbon footprint. Intermodal connections can result in up to 80% lower CO2 emissions compared to road

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Why Jan de Rijk Logistics is the right partner for transport to Spain of your goods?

You’ll always be in safe hands if you choose Jan de Rijk Logistics! Our experts in Spain have been in the Spanish market for years. Hence, they’re fully familiar with the Spanish culture, language, legal system, and geography. Also, our office being at the international airport of Barcelona gives us a geographical advantage! We’ll keep you at complete ease by arranging you with the transport service best suitable for your needs.

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Advanced and dynamic order management and planning system

For you as a customer, you’ll have maximum visibility and transparency. You can track the vehicles and loads with real-time tracking & tracing system. Jan de Rijk Logistics works with an advanced and dynamic order management and planning system to ensure you a great quality service and goods safely delivered.

LTL or groupage transport to Spain

Does the transport of your goods not need to be delivered in a hurry? Groupage of partial shipments is one of our specialties. Do you need to ship some goods urgently? Then choose our shipping service! In addition to that, we offer FTL transport, multimodal or LTL transport to Spain with a longer transit time and lower costs. Jan de Rijk Logistics can provide you with various logistical solutions.

Daily Destinations in Spain

Due to our familiarity with the different routes and destinations in Spain. We will provide you with the most efficient route to the final destination of your products depending on the nature of the goods. We have daily departures to and from the area of Barcelona and Madrid, and that was made possible due to the double-manned transport. We’re available 24/7 and we promise you efficiency, speed, flexibility, and safety. Do you have a different destination in mind? We’ll be more than happy to assist you and provide you with the best suitable offer. Jan de Rijk Logistics ensures reliable and safe transport throughout Europe.