Roosendaal, 29 April 2020 – Recently, we spoke to one of our Bulgarian drivers: Todor Yanakiev. He had his weekly rest in Roosendaal. Todor Yanakiev is 45 years old and has been working at Jan de Rijk Logistics since October 2013. We spoke to him briefly and were curious about his experiences at Jan de Rijk Logistics and what he likes the most about his profession. In view of the current situation, we were of course also curious about what he experiences along the way from the Coronavirus.

What does a working day look like?

Todor starts the day with a cup of tea and breakfast. In doing so, he already looks at his tasks for the day so that he knows what awaits him. Depending on his schedule for the day, he starts loading or unloading the goods with his truck. When his working day is over, relaxing begins: reading the news, calling friends and family and sometimes watching TV before going to sleep. He is mainly found on the road in Western and Central Europe. His favorite destinations to drive are Spain (he lived there for about 10 years) and Sweden.

Why driver at Jan de Rijk Logistics?

Almost 7 years ago, Todor chose Jan de Rijk Logistics as an employer. Todor chose Jan de Rijk Logistics because he heard that it is a reliable company that gives you the opportunity to further develop yourself and grow in the job. It is not without reason that Todor has been working at Jan de Rijk Logistics for a long time. Therefore, we were curious what he likes the most about his work. He likes the good and respectful relationship with the people in the office. In addition, the fact that the salary is paid on time and that there is the possibility to take his weekly rest at a Jan de Rijk Logistics home base.

What do you currently notice about the Coronavirus?

Given the current circumstances, we were curious to find out what Todor is experiencing as a result of the Coronavirus. He indicated that due to the current circumstances, there is a lot less traffic on the road, both fewer trucks and passenger cars. In addition, he notices that some people are really upset and panicked by the whole situation. There are also far fewer people on the street and there is an extreme social distance. It is a strange situation!

A nice quote from our driver to conclude

Since about a month, Todor has been driving a brand new truck from Jan de Rijk Logistics as you can see in the pictures! Todor closed the conversation with a beautiful and appropriate quote from Charlie Chaplin: “A day without a smile and a laughter is a day totally wasted”.

More information?

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Eén van onze Bulgaarse chauffeurs

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