Retail distribution

For many years Jan de Rijk Logistics offers retail distribution services in the Benelux, Northern part of France and the Ruhr region of Germany.

Jan de Rijk Logistics operates a retail distribution network with up to daily high-street deliveries to more than 1.500 shops in the non food industry. With key locations in the south, central and north Netherlands and Belgium, Jan de Rijk Logistics can support same-day and next-day delivery requirements, including strict time-window deliveries. Approximately 40% of the customers will be delivered before or after the opening of the store.

We offer our customers with dedicated distribution solutions, in-house logistics services, as well as shared distribution concepts which can optimize volume, delivery frequency and shipment size.

The fleet of vehicles deployed for retail distribution and inner-city deliveries meets today’s stringent requirements related to the environment and noise reduction for residents. For this we use hybrid trucks, silent less 65 dB equipped vehicles and several Eco-combi’s up to 25.25 meters.

Jan de Rijk Logistics advanced order management, planning and monitoring systems offer customers maximum visibility and transparency. Extra services are pro active announcement of the estimated delivery via SMS e mail towards the customer, electronic proof of delivery and scanning.








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