THAT’S HOW – 50 Years Jan de Rijk Logistics

Roosendaal, 16 December 2020


A well-known brand in transport and logistics for 50 years

Jan de Rijk Logistics is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. The company was founded 50 years ago by Jan and Jacqueline de Rijk in Hoeven, Brabant. Since then, the small transport company has grown into a fully-fledged logistics service provider that serves customers in many ways. Jan de Rijk Logistics is the market leader in air freight and aerospace and a leading player in the international transport market on the road and via our intermodal connections. We also have a firm market position within the Benelux with Contract Logistics and distribution. We can say with all honesty that we are extremely proud of our company and it’s achievements.

Our customers and employees

We are extremely grateful for our wonderful customers. Over time, we have grown together along the many logistical changes & challenges. We thank them for their loyalty, support, and constructive cooperation!

This decades-long period has only been made possible by the commitment and enthusiasm of our employees. On the road, in our warehouses and workshops and at our offices. Thanks to them we are able to meet the requirements of the customer every day.

Look ahead

No time to look back, but a moment to look ahead and respond to tomorrow’s questions. Also to take a good look at ourselves. What characterizes us as a company and will that still be relevant for the future? We have always been a no-nonsense family business with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and love to tackle challenges head on. Over the years we have successfully been able to respond quickly and with flexibility to the wishes of our customers.

In the current turbulent times with faster and faster developments, these properties are only becoming more important. Customers ask for a solution, we hear them and deliver this solution. Fast, reliable and flexible. Not only in the well-known air freight but also in the Retail, Automotive and Healthcare markets.

Hence a new slogan which expresses this promise. You have a logistical challenge; we will make it happen for you:

A statement that we fully support, also in the next 50 years! Whether you are looking for a solution for contract logistics during Brexit, vaccine distribution in the event of a pandemic, making distribution in the inner cities more sustainable, or fully digital freight handling. We can help you. In the coming period,

we will continue to roll out this slogan; in our communications, in the press, on the web and on our vehicles. We will make that happen!

That’s how.


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